“This experience was so great and personal! MJ really took the time to try and get every angle and for baby to move to different positions. We got a flash drive, pictures, and even a keepsake of our baby’s heartbeat. Absolutely loved this experience and will be going back before the due date!” Gabby P

“I met MJ at a Bloom event and scheduled an ultrasound with her. She was so attentive and very knowledgeable! It felt like having a friend in our home with how kind and friendly she is. The pictures we got of our sweet baby are so perfect! I absolutely recommend booking an ultrasound with her. 🙂” Torri

“MJ was very welcoming and offered a very comfortable viewing space for me and my family. She was very thorough about checking all different parts of the babies anatomy and my womb health. She printed multiple pictures for us on the spot and a thumb drive of all the photos she took during the session. Plus she gave us a recording of our child’s heartbeat on a heart shaped recording device that my 5yo daughter can listen to. So grateful we had found her and would highly recommend her to others!” Bridgette