About Us

MJ Saunders grew up all over the country! When she lived in Southern California, as a teen, the goal to be an Ultrasound Technologist first began to develop, but would not become a reality for 20 years.

MJ continued to travel and live all over the United States for the next two decades, having a family and earning her Associate in Arts in Liberal Arts and her Bachelor of Science in Business and Management. She worked in various Customer Service positions both as a front-line employee and in management, but still always desired to enter the medical field as an Ultrasound Technologist.

Finally, MJ was able to achieve her dream and entered the Diagnostic Medical Sonography program in Denver, Colorado. She earned her Associate of Science in Diagnostic Medical Sonography and interned at a clinical site in a rural small town in New Mexico. For the next 8 years, MJ encountered many different experiences as a Sonographer. Being the only registered technologist in a 200 mile radius, she saw a little bit of everything in her professional life. But, her love for Obstetrics and working with growing families became her passion.

MJ had the idea to create See My as a way of helping moms-to-be, their families and friends, bond with their babies in a way they were unable to do in a doctor’s office. A way to help them celebrate the joy of their baby and the upcoming arrival. See My offers a unique and personal way to connect families. MJ loves building relationships and bonding with clients, finding new and creative ways to help make these special events their own.