Yes, Our owner is Registered through the American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonography, ARDMS, and All our Technologists have years of experience working as an Ultrasound technologist in clinics, hospitals and other patient care locations. 

No, Insurance does not cover elective ultrasounds. Insurance does not cover for gender reveal or 3D/4D ultrasound scans since they are elective and are not intended to be a replacement for your doctor ordered ultrasound. All our exams are an out-of-pocket expense. An elective ultrasound is to provide a bonding experience for the whole family and friends with the unborn baby. We are not assessing the growth or for abnormalities unless we are performing a Diagnostic exam ordered by your provider.

Yes. Our elective ultrasounds are not to replace your healthcare provider’s ultrasound evaluations.

Yes, ultrasounds are safe for you and your baby. Studies for over 30 years have shown ultrasound does not cause any harm to a patient or their baby. Ultrasound uses sound waves to create images, so there is no exposure to radiation. 3D and 4D are the same intensity of 2D imaging and we use the same frequency and same machines as your healthcare provider uses. Ultrasound is similar to radar and the transducer, which touches your skin, emits a signal and it bounces back to form the image you see on the screen of your beautiful baby.

Yes. Drinking plenty of fluid the two days leading up to your appointment will help get fluid around the baby. 6-8 glasses of water a day or more of water is preferred in the few days leading up to the scan. (Please make sure you get clearance from your doctor first if you were told to avoid water or juice) This allows us to get clearer images. Second, eating anything with natural sugar in it right before the appointment can get the baby moving. Having a full bladder is not a requirement but can help with imaging as it pushes the baby up.

2D is in black and white and shows basic detail
3D is in color and is appears more lifelike and is a frozen image
4D is in color and in real-time and moving
5D/HD live is the most accurate view of your baby showing details of their body

Any time after 14 weeks and before 32 weeks we can start doing gender scans. Before 14 weeks the baby’s sex organs are not visible on ultrasound.

6-12 weeks the shape of the baby and the heartbeat. (We do not play the heartbeat aloud at less than 12 weeks due to Ultrasound guidelines but will show you the waveform of the heartbeat on the screen.) This scan is done in 2D.
15-19 weeks we can see gender clearly and you get to see the entire body
20-28 weeks you can see details of their face and see their body clearly
28-35 weeks you have your chubby body forming and baby appears like a doll

Usually, but sometimes it is necessary to have the mom roll on her side or even stand up and move around to get the baby moving. Drinking some juice and following the hydration guidelines above will help set the stage for great pictures. Every baby is different and has their favorite positions which are not always optimal for imaging unfortunately. We cannot guarantee perfect images but we can guarantee we will make every effort to get the best images we can.

You will be seated in a reclining chair and draped with towels. The technologist will recline the chair but you will be able to see the Television during the entire exam. Pictures and videos will be recorded and body parts will be pointed out by the technologist. If you have questions you are welcome to ask, and if we can answer we will. When the exam is completed, the technologist will print out 3-5 printed pictures. You have an opportunity to purchase any of our fun baby items and also the flash drive with all the pictures and videos of the exam.

We use an industry leading portable unit, Samsung HM70 EVO.

Yes, we can perform the following scans with a Healthcare provider order:
Abdomen, Abdomen limited, OB anatomy exam, OB first trimester, Limited OB scans, Complete OB scans, Pelvic/TV scans, Pelvic both transabdominal and transvaginal, Testicular ultrasound, Carotid, DVT evaluation and Thyroid ultrasounds.

Yes, our diagnostic ultrasound exams are read by a Board Certified Radiologist.

We have all our elective imaging clients sign a release of liability because it is for entertainment purposes only and not a medical exam. Diagnostic exams do not have a release of liability.

We ask that you please reschedule or cancel at least 12 hours before the beginning of your appointment or you may be charged a cancellation fee.

Appointments can be rescheduled with no cancellation fee. 

You do need to be well hydrated to get the best pictures. It’s best to hydrate well the two days before the ultrasound, and the day of the scan, drink more than normal.

If we were able to tell the gender with certainty but you have your own doubts, we are happy to look again for a recheck fee of $60. If we were wrong, this fee will be refunded.